The company echoes the concern about the increase in childhood obesity, which is why we apply the nutritional criteria of the rich and healthy Mediterranean diet combined with the NAOS strategy line (Strategy for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Prevention of Obesity , from the Ministry of Health and Consumption, through the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN).

S'Olivera Menu

The menu we offer is made by our personal dietitian. It is a balanced menu to the nutritional needs of children of school age. It is made monthly without repeating the preparations, the nutritional value is detailed, orientation dinners are described to be elaborated at home and it is given to the parents so that they are always well informed of the feeding of their children.


Typical dishes from Ibiza , for children to become familiar with the traditional products of the island, fish stew, Ibicencan salad, savory paella, greixonera …

Dishes of the world helps the incorporation of new flavors, Calf Chop Suey, Chicken with cous-cous

Dishes of festive character with the aim of introducing culture through food. Ex: Christmas soup, vigil soup …


Thanks to our experience, we highlight our social and environmental commitment to improve the nutrition of school-age children by introducing organic products to the menu.

Our main objective is to feed and then educate, in addition to teaching some habits we teach to value healthy products.