Catering S’Olivera is aware of the great importance and responsibility of a monitor in the school cafeteria and that is why, it has the professionalism of Damià Massanet, director of the pedagogical project, Diploma in Educational Sciences, Master in Sports Management and Director of free time to train and select all the personnel in charge of the guard and custody of the users.

Our monitors care, feed and educate. They work by fostering through the game a whole series of attitudes and habits related to hygiene, nutrition, sustainability, responsible consumption, order and coexistence, as well as working on the development of social skills through body language workshops, dances , recycling activities, laughter therapy, etc.

The dining room should become an instrument of Health Education through which you can create appropriate eating habits. Of course, all this without forgetting that the food served in it is attractive, tasty and well cooked.


“Places of the world”, is an ambitious and very successful project that focuses on traveling monthly to a different country, making known cultural differences, games, gastronomy and dances through recycling crafts, art, original workshops, activities physical and storytelling.

The project helps develop the most artistic part as we decorate the school canteen with all the crafts that are made during the school year. 
Once finished the course, when entering the dining room, you have the feeling of going around the world with the illusion of a child.

Play with your children

  • Workshops of Ibizan paintings
  • Mosaic Goddess Tanit
  • Sargantanes Eivissenques